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Unhinged leftist Stephen King dares readers to give his new work of anti-conservative propaganda a 1-star review

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Stephen King is a prolific writer who made hundreds of millions of dollars telling stories about ghosts, curses, and violence against children.

Extra to penning best-sellers like "The Green Mile," "Carrie," "It," and "The Shining," the geriatric author has also moonlighted online as an unhinged leftist, mocking conservatives, firing off identitarian missives, peddling political conspiracy theories, downplaying the crisis at the southern border, demanding that others wear masks, and calling for those with whom he disagrees to be silenced.

No longer willing to compartmentalize his passions, King has reportedly produced a work of anti-conservative, pro-COVID-vaccine propaganda.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the the 75-year-old Democrat acknowledged that "a lot of people are not going to like" his new novel, "Holly," particularly not critics of COVID-19 vaccines and supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Rather than wait, King pre-emptively dared "people on the other side of the COVID issue and the Trump issue" to tank his new book's ratings, telling those who might be inclined to "give it one-star reviews on Amazon," "'Knock yourself out.'"

The titular character of King's new work of agitprop, recycled from his other works, "Mr. Mercedes" and "The Outsider," spends much of the book investigating the disappearance of a young woman. Along the way, she hypes the author's worldview.

Holly rejoices at Biden's 2020 electoral victory, weeps on Jan. 6, 2021, and makes sure to repeatedly advertise the fact of her mRNA vaccination and booster status, according to a review in the American Thinker.

The author made no secret of his intention to cram his political views into the novel, particular on the topic of COVID, telling Rolling Stone, "There's this constant story that thousands of people are dying of heart disease because of the vaccinations. It's not true, but it's gained a lot of credence. So there's a lot of that. And I tried to put that in the book."

King, who made a point of telling people to "get the damn vax" during the pandemic, kills off Holly's pro-life mother for having refused to get the mRNA vaccine after first attending an "anti-mask rally," where she waved around a "MY BODY MY CHOICE" sign.

The author further suggests in the book that nursing home deaths — which were especially bad under Democratic leadership in New York — were the result of vaccine hesitation, again on the part of his ideological foes.

Whereas the protagonists in "Holly" are reportedly all women, minorities, and/or homosexuals, the villains are pair of old racist white people who don't trust vaccines and eat people.

King makes his antipathies abundantly clear, going so far as to have a Christian family gang-rape a lesbian black vegan for the "sin" of not eating meat. The lesbian later kills her unborn baby.

NPR noted that "Covid-19 pandemic, racism and homophobia, the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, and Donald Trump's effect on the country's zeitgeist and political discourse are all very present in the narrative," adding, "Holly is one of his most political novels to date, and it'll surely anger all the right people."

The "right people" who might be keen on taking King up on his recommendation to give his book a one-star review on Amazon can also follow suit on Goodreads.

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