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US Marshals track down man wanted for torturing his ex-girlfriend only to find suspect riddled with bullets

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Authorities have been looking for Dekenta Parchman since late July for having allegedly tortured and sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend at her Van Buren Township apartment in Michigan. When U.S. Marshals ultimately tracked him down on August 9, they found the 30-year-old suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

"I got shot seven times Sunday and I still got bullets in me that they're supposed to get out. ... My leg's broke," he told the court in Wayne County.

Police attribute Parchman's seven wounds to a shootout in Inkster, though indicated they have not yet identified the person or persons responsible.

Parchman survived his wounds to face nine felony charges including assault with a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm, aggravated domestic violence, and torture. He is due back in court on August 11. His bail has been set at $250,000.

Man charged with torture, sex assaults found shot 7 times a week later Fox 2 - YouTube

Approximately a week prior to his latest arrest, Parchman is said to have shown up, intoxicated, at his ex-girlfriend's house. Once inside, he immediately began to punch her in the face. Fox 2 reported that he proceeded to hammer her over the head with ashtrays and then violate her with a hot hair straightener. He allegedly continued to beat her for hours, before the victim managed to escape and call police at a neighbor's house.

Before police arrived on the scene, Parchman allegedly stole the victim's car and took off.

The victim reportedly spent several days in hospital and is still recovering.

In 2012, Parchman was convicted of first-degree home invasion and unlawful imprisonment, for which he was sentenced to five and a half to 20 years' imprisonment and four to 15 years' imprisonment, respectively. Granted his recent alleged crimes, it appears that he served no more than the minimum amount of jail time demanded by the court.

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