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VIDEO: Left-wing militants block car of black transgender Minneapolis City Council VP; won't let it move until their list of demands is signed

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Donald Hooker Jr., composite

Left-wing militants blocked a car in which black transgender Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins was a passenger — and wouldn't let the vehicle move until Jenkins agreed to their list of demands and signed it.

Jenkins was attempting leave a Loring Park event Sunday when the vehicle blocking took place, the Star Tribune reported.

A 23-minute video showing a portion of the incident ended with Jenkins agreeing to "leave George Floyd Square alone," support the creation of a civilian-led commission to oversee police, and call for Mayor Jacob Frey's resignation, the paper said.

But the vehicle blocking purportedly lasted about two hours.

What are the details?

Here's what led up to the vehicle blocking, according to the Star Tribune:

Activist D.J. Hooker posted the video to social media, said in an interview that he approached Jenkins after a "Taking Back Pride" event decrying police brutality. The event, according to a posting on social media, sought to prioritize the voices of people who are Black, transgender or queer. Jenkins was the first transgender woman of color elected to public office in a major U.S. city.

Hooker said he approached Jenkins to raise concerns about community groups contracted with the city to de-escalate tensions. Hooker said he grew frustrated when Jenkins told him she didn't have control over them and she wouldn't commit to leaving George Floyd Square alone, so he said they would hold a peaceful protest outside her house. Hooker said he and Jenkins argued and someone jumped between them.

Hooker said Jenkins began walking away, and he yelled, "Oh, you're gonna call the cops on me knowing ... what the cops have done to George Floyd, what the cops have done to Dolal Idd and Winston Smith and Daunte Wright."

Hooker's video begins with him narrating and complaining that Jenkins was "mean" and "rude" and that the car's driver already has called police on him and fellow militants:

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Donald Hooker Jr.

The clip shows Jenkins in the passenger seat of the white car as militants surround the vehicle, which also is blocked by a post behind it.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Donald Hooker Jr

Jenkins is heard angrily speaking on her cellphone saying it might be "three days before I get out of here. I got this white kid standing in front of my f***ing car; like he's holding it down ... like this ain't f***ing white supremacy like right the f*** here."

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Donald Hooker Jr.

Soon a handwritten list of demands appears, and Hooker gets on a megaphone to read them to Jenkins:

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Donald Hooker Jr.

More from the Star Tribune:

Hooker begins reading off the list of demands, one by one. He asks if she will pledge her support for the creation of an elected, civilian commission to oversee police, for reopening cases in police killings, for dropping charges against protesters and releasing information about Smith's death. Each time, Jenkins says yes.

Hooker then asks her to pledge her support "for Jacob Frey's immediate resignation." Jenkins laughs, shakes her head side to side and, after additional prompting from protesters eventually says "Jacob Frey resign."

Hooker then asks her to "leave George Floyd Square alone. Period."

"Don't do my job," Jenkins replies. "Is that what you're asking me to do?"

Arguments commenced, and the paper said Jenkins rolled up the window and said she won't sign anything as shouting continued. But then a few minutes later, the paper said Jenkins rolled down her window, and Hooker repeated the demand to leave the square alone.

"Fine, I'll leave George Floyd Square alone," Jenkins said, according to the paper. "I will not do my job."

'We ain't asking no more white lady!'

Thing also got tense when the driver of the car chimed in to say that the proceedings were not a negotiation.

Then a woman in the crowd yelled back, 'We ain't asking no more white lady! We're demanding!" and added, "Do your job and drive." With that, the driver hoisted a middle finger at the crowd, after which Jenkins pushed down the driver's hand.

At that point in the video, Jenkins takes the paper on which the list of demands were written and signs it. After inspecting the signature, the militants decide Jenkins should print her name and date it also, and the council vice president agrees to that demand as well.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Donald Hooker Jr.

Then a militant is heard telling Jenkins, "Now you can leave!" And the car pulls away.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Donald Hooker Jr.

Here's the video. Content warning: Profanity:

Anything else?

The Star Tribune said the incident occurred during a "tense time" marked by re-election campaigns and residents "making conflicting demands as the city debates how to transform policing following George Floyd's death."

Hooker told the paper in an interview that his fellow activists confronted Jenkins because they were tired of elected leaders making promises on policing and not following through.

"They come to our events. They want a photo shoot. They tell us they support us, they care about us, and then they go through no action about it," Hooker told the Star Tribune, adding that he will be surprised if Jenkins follows through on any of the group's demands.

Jenkins told the paper afterward she wasn't ready to discuss the incident but would do so later.

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