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Violent repeat offender arrested in connection with NYC woman's brutal butchering

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Authorities arrested a 25-year-old repeat offender after he was said to have stabbed a Manhattan woman more than 40 times with her own kitchen knife.

The suspect — who is described as a homeless serial criminal — has been arrested at leat seven times since 2017 and was out on bail when the murder took place, the Daily Mail reported.

What are the details?

Assamad Nash appeared in court on Monday on charges of burglary and murder after the grisly killing, which took place during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police say Nash spotted 35-year-old Christina Yuna Lee exiting an Uber when he decided to follow her into her Chinatown apartment building.

Once inside, Nash reportedly crept into the building behind Lee and followed her up six flights of stairs to her apartment, in which he forced his way with an alleged intent to sexually assault the 35-year-old creative ad producer.

Neighbors said that they were awakened early Sunday morning to hear Lee screaming for help — but it was too late by the time police arrived on the scene.

Authorities said they forced their way into Lee's apartment and discovered her lifeless body in the bathtub of her apartment. They reportedly found a bloody Nash underneath the bed, a yellow kitchen knife nearby.

Nash's rap sheet includes charges of assault, intentional damage to property, harassment, resisting arrest, both attempted and successful escape from police officers, and selling a fare card, the outlet reported.

Man follows woman into her Manhattan home, allegedly stabs her to death: NYPD www.youtube.com

What else?

Lee's landlord, Brian Chin, told reporters on Monday that the young woman's murder could have been avoided if District Attorney Alvin Bragg was not so soft on criminal punishment.

"This guy should never have been out of the street," he told reporters on Monday. "And it's [Bragg] playing politics with people's lives and the Asian community has been hurt. To have a DA who has won those horrific crimes right on his doorstep. And he doesn't even bother to show up. It's disgraceful."

Citing surveillance footage of Nash purportedly stalking Lee, Chin added, "He followed her up all six flights. And she never even knew that he was there. She walked up six flights of stairs and this man mercilessly stalked her. This was not a crime of mental illness or anything. He stayed one floor below and watched her go up those stairs. And then he moved methodically one flight up at a time. He was absolutely in full control."

"Our elected officials need to do something much different," he added. "My grandparent are Chinese immigrants that came here trying to build themselves up. We built up this community and it's just getting torn down so fast by one district attorney. It's heart-wrenching."

"So much blood," Chin remarked. "My wife said I should call someone to clean all the blood but I'm going to clean it up myself. It's the least I can do for that poor girl."

Chin later told Fox News that the state's lax bail reform laws — which aim to lower the jail population — were responsible for Lee's brutal murder.

He told "Fox & Friends" that the city needs to enact "much-needed reforms."

"We are tired of hearing our officials utter empty platitudes or enacting none of the desperately needed reforms that need to take place. And if they don't? Good luck to them in the next election because as a community, we are very, very angry," he continued.

Chin added, "This man was a menace to the community. He was an outright danger, but the police did their jobs excellently. They kept arresting him repeatedly. It was the politicians lax on crime policies that kept putting him out on the street because the judges have to follow the rule of law, which the politicians have set in the city."

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