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What is a 'womxn'? Woke colleges mangle language in absurd display of leftist ideology

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Some institutions of higher education are butchering the English language by using the word "womxn" in a preposterous display left-wing ideology.

"At CSUSB we intentionally spell womxn with an X as an objection to the patriarchal idea that womxn are an extension to men and the inclusion of all womxn go beyond just cis-women," California State University, San Bernardino noted in a post about "Womxn's History Month."

Rider University also utilized the intentionally misspelled word on a page about "Womxn's History Month," indicating that it is using the term in a bid to be inclusive of everyone who identifies as a woman.

"Join us to celebrate Womxn's* History Month with a month-long series of events dedicated to empowering women and celebrating their accomplishments," the school says, explaining that, "The spelling womxn is used to respect the dynamic and fluid nature of gender identity and expression and to be inclusive of all people who identify as women in today's times."

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Colloquium keynote scheduled for later this month at Rider is titled "Owning Your Environmental Story: Feminism as a Tool for Climate Justice" and is supposed to help individuals "learn about the need for collective climate action by redefining our own environmental narratives and the intersections between feminism and climate justice."

Earlier this month, left-wing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement on International Women's Day in which he claimed that "trans women are women," an assertion that is patently false because transgender women are actually just biological men who identify as women.

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