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WTF MSM!? Hollywood elites hate Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special; Americans love it


Critics hate it, but the people love it …

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Rotten Tomatoes divide …

Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special, "Sticks & Stones," on Netflix is a big middle finger to the American Left's "cancel culture." Chappelle spares no one, regardless of their "protected class" or victimhood status. Which of course means that the Hollywood elitist critics hate it. But Americans as a whole love it, as Fox Sports Radio's Clay Travis noted, based on the special's Rotten Tomatoes scores.

When Travis took his screenshot, the critics' "Tomatometer" score for the special was 17%. It has since moved up to 38%, meaning that only 3 of eight "approved Tomatometer critics" liked the special. Audiences as a whole gave it a 99% rating, meaning that percentage of over 8,500 users gave it 3.5/5 stars or higher.

One of the highlights of the special that surely these "critics" didn't like was Chappelle's subversive defense of life. Chappelle argued that if a woman can have an abortion, then a man can choose to "abandon" the baby. He closed with "If I'm wrong, then perhaps we're wrong."

It was powerful and thought-provoking. Two things the Left hates.

Americans are sick and tired of the elites wanting to ban speech. There's a market for those who buck the trend. Chappelle and Netflix just proved it.

Speaking of censorship …

YouTube continues to censor content creators. In a blog post Tuesday, the company celebrated closing 17,000 accounts for "hate speech." BlazeTV host Steven Crowder's account wasn't closed this year, but under the same program, some of his videos were demonetized. YouTube has increasingly become a place where the type of free speech celebrated in Chappelle's comedy special is unwelcome.

Another content creator who has run afoul of YouTube is Dave Rubin. The Rubin Report is a celebration of free speech and explores topics the Left doesn't want discussed. Tuesday, in an end run around YouTube's censors, Rubin announced that he's bringing The Rubin Report to BlazeTV, the video service of Blaze Media. BlazeTV subscribers will get new episodes of The Rubin Report 48 hours before they are posted to YouTube and the entire archive of the show — even episodes YouTube may ban.

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