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CBS News’ Major Garrett blows major holes in Dems' impeachment push


Truth hurts

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As leftist media propaganda outlets like CNN gush over the Democrats' articles of impeachment released today, at least one member of the mainstream media isn't buying it. CBS News' Major Garrett asked where all the substantial charges Democrats have been crowing about over the last month are.

On Monday, Garrett first threw cold water on CBS' coverage of the impeachment hearing conducted by the House Judiciary Committee. Newsbusters reported, "While [CBS News' Norah] O'Donnell attempted to dramatize the remarkably dry hearing, chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett called it out for what it was: 'The latest iteration the public just watched, combative lawyers being combative in public, not exactly pay-per-view material.'"

Garret brushed off O'Donnell's nervous laughter to say how unproductive for the Democrats the hearings were.

Fast-forward to Tuesday morning. The Democrats released two articles of impeachment that don't touch upon any of the fantastical claims of "bribery" and "treason" the Democrats have been pushing. Garret called them out on it.

He said, "Well, they clearly don't believe they have the evidence to make that case stick. Bribery, extortion, those were words that had great power and force about a week ago, maybe two weeks ago. Absent from this docket, if you will, of impeachment articles."

It's sad that when someone in the media actually looks at this with a critical eye, it's such an outlier that it's worth highlighting. But that is the current state of our media.

Being objective is such a rare quality in the media that actually practicing it seems meritorious.

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