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NY Times runs cover for James Comey as DOJ reportedly investigates whether he illegally leaked classified information


Focused on possible political motivation

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As it broke news Thursday of the Department of Justice investigating former FBI Director James Comey over leaks of classified information, the New York Times was quick to note the possible political nature of the probe. Contrasting this with how it has handled probes into Trump and his associates is a damning case of media bias.

In a tweet, the Times wrote, "U.S. prosecutors appear to be scrutinizing whether James Comey illegally disclosed classified secrets, part of an unusual inquiry into years-old leaks that leaves law enforcement officials open to accusations of politicizing their work."

The Times notes in the article, "Prosecutors and F.B.I. agents typically investigate leaks of classified information around the time they appear in the news media, not years later."

The leaks in question happened in 2017, according to the Times, which referred to articles it published in May of that year. James Comey had been fired by President Donald Trump earlier in the month. His friend Andrew McCabe had been tasked to run the FBI in his stead. Of course there wasn't an investigation into Comey then: His loyalists were still running the FBI.

The argument could be made that the original non-investigation was in itself political, but the Times article doesn't even touch on that.

The Russian collusion hoax was started when the Hillary Clinton campaign, working with the DNC, paid a law firm that hired an opposition research company to work with a retired foreign spy to produce a thoroughly discredited dossier. That's the height of a politically motivated investigation.

The Times, of course, would never admit that. Once again it shows how biased it truly is.

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