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WTF MSM!? Ana Navarro defends Joe Biden’s relationships with segregationists and attacks Trump supporters


No surprise ...

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Of course, it's about Trump …

Republican strategist, CNN contributor, and "The View" guest co-host Ana Navarro defended former Vice President Joe Biden from Sen. Cory Booker and others who have been taken aback by Biden's remarks about segregationists he served with in the Senate. Not only did Navarro defend Biden, but she said where the real racists were: In Orlando at Donald Trump's re-election kickoff.

According to Breitbart News, Navarro said, "I think Cory Booker is taking advantage of the situation to try to get some attention. Right? With 20 people running, everything he can do. You are absolutely right. Joe Biden is not a racist. It's why he has strong support from the African American community." Her co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed.

Navarro then said there were "live racists" at the "Donald Trump rally" earlier in the week.

It's not just Navarro and Goldberg. Twitchy is reporting that MSNBC's Chris Hayes has been wondering if the country would be better off with Biden's segregationist buddies than with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

About the only people who haven't weighed in are the Indian-American people Biden assumes run every 7-11 in Delaware.

Celebrities worry about 2020 …

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane and Cher are worried that Democrats have no idea how to win in 2020. MacFarlane complained that Democrats are "eating each other" up publicly. He continued that if "you keep this up, you can pretty much count on four more years of Trump."

Cher was more blunt. Breitbart News reports that Cher believes Democrats don't know "f*&K all how 2[to] win in 2020." Her comments focused on her perceived notions of Democratic ineptitude in the use of social media.

As 2020 heats up, more and more leftists will be sounding alarms hoping not to repeat the 2016 election. That includes a large portion of Hollywood.

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