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Bernie Sanders and his dangerous agenda were inevitable

This was the only possible outcome for the Democratic Party

Photo by Salwan Georges/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Once I started listening to the crazy voices in my head I found clarity.

That's when I realized the Bern wasn't going to merely be a temporary itch this time, but a full-blown contagion. Thus, my social media meme of choice for the Sanders 2020 campaign became Thanos' “I am inevitable."

Everything about Iowa and New Hampshire tells you it is so, especially the part about the leftist press doing everything it can to avoid talking about its now uncontrollable 80-year-old love child called socialism.

For decades now, progressives have been situationally leveraging terms and concepts like "diversity," "fairness," and "equality" to iconoclastically chip away at the stained glass windows of American Exceptionalism out of varying degrees of envy and spite, but without a full-throated idea of where things were going beyond that.

That's the chaos theory come to life that is post-modernism.

Except Sanders knew. He knew all too well. Because sooner or later a generation would be born into that fraud whose entire sense of justice would be born not of whatever remained of the Judeo-Christian tradition, but of moral anarchy and wealth redistribution.

Breaking news: We are there.

Turns out Sanders received more votes in New Hampshire from the under-30 crowd than all the other candidates received from that demographic combined, according to exit polls. And that's with a gay guy and a highly educated woman from feminist central casting in the race. Instead, they covet the old white guy and one-woman man. For he is singing their siren song. He is their pied piper, and his sheep recognize his voice.

That means when it comes to the inevitability I'm talking about, we've reached cultish levels of adherence. The propaganda of intersectionality isn't even required any longer in the minds of the young to carry the mission forward to the optimal time of deliverance. The chosen one is here. Finally, authenticity. At long last, total war.

Almost none of which Bernie will be around to see or enact himself because of his advanced age, yet his power as inspiration and catalyst for what is to come is undeniable. His followers are entirely loyal and easily married to the extreme because of his example. A man who seemed impossible as anything other than a political side show a mere five years ago, is now pressing harder on the scales of political reality than anyone. It's destiny. And destiny is inevitable.

Yet we must leave Thanos' Marvel universe and enter the DC realm to really see things clearly. Sanders is Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" at the end of that movie: not a genius or imbued with great power or leadership qualities, but a raw cult of personality. People gladly wear his mask and unleash havoc on society in his name, without any clear direction at all from the frontman. Other than the bullet-to-the-head they saw Phoenix deliver to DeNiro on TV.

Good enough! Just burn it. Burn it all! Just ask Bernie Sanders how much all his socialism is going to cost? He'll flat out tell you he doesn't know, but the money is out there in your pockets and he's going to take it from you.

The likes of Antifa are already signaling they are happy to lead the charge on that, and an entire generation of young voters are telling you they not only won't do anything to stop it, but believe all of it has a catchy beat that they will gladly dance to. And to say it is unsustainable is to not understand how few grownups we currently have to reintroduce order back into the system.

Bernie wouldn't be possible, let alone inevitable, if we did. Besides, let's face it, a political party that doesn't know what a baby, gender, or border is was never going to have the adults necessary to stop this wannabe Bolshevik.

Bernie is inevitable, because this happening to the Democratic Party was always inevitable.

One last thing…
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