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Deace: The government's lies about COVID should force a reality check for everyone

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“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” — Morpheus, "The Matrix"

My editor, Todd Erzen, has long spoken of the magical power of vaccines. Going so far as to say that even most Christians have such a religious zeal for them (whether they understand that or not), that if given the choice between vaccinating and baptizing their infants, they would in most cases anxiously choose the former.

I once thought that to be an effective rhetoric to combat the propaganda surrounding the obvious deficiencies of the COVID vaccine, but perhaps a bridge too far as a broader north star to follow. Now, I’m not so sure.

Take the contagious vaccine method that has now been acknowledged here and here and here. That means deliberately introducing a modified virus into a population to act as a vaccine, perhaps through an animal host such as a bat. Probably no cool superhero powers are going to come with that, though. The most important power such a process and policy could wield is a near total lack of accountability for some of the most Frankenstein monster-esque science we’ve even seen.

And perhaps that’s not simple a futuristic "Soylent Green" consideration, but one that has already dragged us around for the last two years? Were we groomed with the help of lockdowns and masks to be the cheerful recipients of an antidote posing as a vaccine even more hideously experimental than any of us suspected? Were the lockdowns and masks never actually intended to work at all, but to intended lead us into a false sense of “we’re all in this together” when there was really just an "us" and a "them?"

If you follow my show, you know that I suggested more than a year ago that the original COVID virus that found its way out of that lab in Wuhan was likely an experimental vaccine aimed at combatting possible future coronavirus outbreaks. Which left finding out whether its ultimate release was accidental or intentional to be an important next order of business.

Regarding the latter option, another trusted little birdie of mine recently asked me this troublesome question: “How else could researchers test the success of their new type of contagious vaccine without administering enough to measure the efficacy? Instead of keeping the numbers of cases low as a normal person would expect, they were reaching for the highest number possible. Think about it. Why else would they be so dead-set on counting every death as a ‘COVID death’ regardless of comorbidity? If the virus really was a vaccine and was present in the body, its mere contagiousness could count as a win.”

If that sounds dark, I’m with you. But I can’t unsee what I’ve seen these last few years concerning so-called Russian collusion, so-called Kavanaugh the marauding rapist, so-called Jan. 6 insurrection, so-called 2020 election, and now so-called free speech thanks to big tech’s purge of unacceptable opinions that counter the grand (demonic) narrative — especially as it relates to all things COVID.

Like the push by Big Pharma and its sycophants in the FDA, the CDC, and the NIH to vaccinate everything that moves — whether the initial virus/vaccine hydra was actually a danger to them or not — while suppressing every other possible and far cheaper treatment like ivermectin, was all of that merely an insanely profitable cover-up of an earlier plan to secretly and permanently erase the bodily autonomy of the entire world?

Suggestions of such fevered dreams have already been caught on tape from the likes of Lord Anthony Fauci only months before COVID became our reality, as well as from various assorted Great Reset nutjobs with the World Economic Forum — so don’t give me that tinfoil hat look.

Because I’ve gotta tell you, trusting the so-called experts in the realm of health care simply isn’t going to be my default jam any longer, when all of this Bond villain stuff is just as likely as anything else under our current “I have no idea what a gender is, but please take your sixth booster” paradigm.

Occam’s razor increasingly points me in the direction of accepting the fact that I now must be willing to entertain being more informationally radicalized if I have any hope of chasing what I’ve always told you is my grandest pursuit: The truth.

So when our children are now injected with upwards of 70 total vaccine jabs during their youth when I, as a now 48-year-old, have had fewer than 20, it’s time to start asking uncomfortable questions. Especially when the same impulse/institutions are also grooming our children to believe it is the kindest “science” of all to think God made them the wrong gender, and thus it is normative to either chemically or surgically castrate, or otherwise mutilate their bodies before they even have a driver’s license.

We may need a more sober recognition of how much our current reality actually hates and wants to destroy itself by any means necessary.

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