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Greta Thunberg isn't a hero. She's a victim of the leftist progressive cult.


Climate crazies manipulated and weaponized her

Photo by CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP via Getty Images

“The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath." —Mark 2:27

Pro-lifers are often hit with progressive disdain for caring about babies only before they are born but not after. It's an attack that is, of course, unadulterated garbage.

Unless you turn the tables. Then we are not only in the ballpark, but progressives will have hit a walk off home run of self-indictment. And we have Greta Thunberg to prove it.

For the 16-year-old climate catastrophe prophetess turned Time Person of the Year has “How dare you'd" her way into our cultural folly, because her life has been entirely forsaken to a cause clearly not of her own choosing. From the perspective of the progressive cult, she is no less a worthy human sacrifice now than she would have been had she been aborted. Either way, all of her individuality has been subsumed by the cause.

The degree to which the poor girl is afflicted with Asperger's, which adversely impacts socialization and communication skills, is clearly how she was able to be groomed into such a useful zealot's frenzy of one-note rage at such a young age. Even though progressives will tell you they are about individuality and diversity — a scam I have exposed on my show many times before — what they really want is the sort of rigid, doctrinaire conformity that allows them to maximize their zeal for power and control over us all.

Greta was the perfect vessel for what other people, young and old, often try in the name of various progressive shibboleths, but can't quite pull off because the lure of autonomy in their lives is just too strong. But the girl who just admitted she hardly spent any time talking to people before this year of pagan jubilee was programmed by her parents to live in such fear of a climate Armageddon that one neurosis was simply traded for another. Yes, that's right. Her parents manipulated her curse of perpetual discomfort and weaponized it to suit the ends of the inglorious group think.

Because that's what cult members do.

Greta is meant to be a perfect progressive model for us all. Get in line without question, forfeiting whatever allegiances and authentic personality you once had, and marginalizing into extinction all else that competes with your false Utopian yearnings with a nagging and hostile vigor. You will and must be assimilated in such a fashion. The Borg would be proud. Them, and Antifa.

It's an abortion of the soul, for human dignity is beside the point. You are no more wanted as a person with unique gifts and talents upon being born, than you were when you were in the womb of your mother should that prove inconvenient to her. In both cases, life is supremely toxic and just plain in the way.

We are the most educated a people has ever been in the history of the world, in terms of the amount of time the children of Western Civilization have spent in formal school training. Yet that has come with the undeniable price of devaluing most notions of innate human value in exchange for only transactional worth. And the price of each pagan transaction keeps getting steeper and steeper.

Greta and her throng are here to tell you that the current going price is pretty much set at Kamikaze mode. For they were indeed made for their unholy sabbath.

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