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Horowitz: Caravans of young men head toward our border, as military is dispatched … against the American people


'Our' government

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We owe the Guatemalan government gratitude for caring about our border security more than our own government does. Guatemala's effort to halt the coming caravan invasion aimed at our border will give us at least a few weeks to ponder and plan for our future.

James Madison explained in Federalist #45 that the powers of the federal government are "few and defined," applied "principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce." He warned: "The more adequate, indeed, the federal powers may be rendered to the national defense, the less frequent will be those scenes of danger which might favor their ascendancy over the governments of the particular States."

Well, because we now have a government that not only fails to block external invasion but actively invites it, it is no surprise that that government is using the military domestically rather than to repel an invasion. In the same way, it is using a border wall around the Capitol to keep out Americans while opposing a wall to keep drug cartels and previously deported sex offenders from returning. In other words, per Madison's warning, a government that fails to protect our border controls our life, liberty, property, and free speech.

Even before the formation of the latest caravan, individual illegal aliens have been increasing their presence at our border. In December, Customs and Border Protection apprehended 73,513 individuals, the highest number in 17 months. The border flow for the first three months of this fiscal year is 69% greater than over the same period in FY 2020. The Biden/Harris welcome mat is not lost on the world.

A caravan formed in Honduras consisting of at least 6,000 individuals who appear to be mainly young males was stopped at the Guatemalan border on Sunday, thanks to a multi-layered security apparatus. There are reportedly still about 2,000 of them camped out near the border of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. In the long run, there is no way those countries have the ability to stave off the stampede of people coming for the promise of amnesty.

They know that the only security our government cares about is building a wall and using the military against its own people. In August, Joe Biden promised, "There will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration." Now with an East Berlin-style wall erected around the Capitol, perhaps we can see they were saving resources for a different type of wall. One Democrat Congressman even has a bill to direct the architect of the Capitol to build a permanent security fence around the entire complex.

Imagine if the wall and the military were deployed in full at our border as the caravans came up. Our border would look as quiet as D.C is this week. During the border crisis of 2018-19, when Trump deployed the military to the border, we heard endless cries of Trump violating posse comitatus. Even the Trump administration refused to use the military for anything beyond a humanitarian mission and for observation. Mexican soldiers even snuck up on our military on our own soil and jumped two of our soldiers because they weren't deployed for combat. A Marine was attacked in El Centro, California, in May while sitting unarmed in one of these blacked-out Mobile Surveillance Camera vehicles.

So even the Trump administration felt that somehow our military couldn't be used for the quintessential purpose of repelling an invasion on our soil. Yet now that 30,000 troops are being paraded all over D.C. with no violence in sight, we are to believe this doesn't run afoul of the law against using the military to enforce domestic laws.

In November 2019, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) accused Trump of "using the military as his own private militia" simply for securing our border against foreign invaders during the worst border crisis ever. Where is she now that Biden is holding a Stalin-style inauguration backed by more troops than are still in our last three war theaters combined? It sure looks like a private military junta to me.

Sadly, anything and everything is being justified under the guise of protecting Biden's inauguration, just like everything was justified to combat a virus. Which is perhaps why they won't justify using the military at the border, for that would block the entry of Biden's most prominent inaugural parade.
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