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MacIntyre: The left never cared about free speech

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There are several fundamental asymmetries in the political and cultural battle between the left and the right. One of the most obvious asymmetries is the way that both sides approach the exchange of ideas. Conservatives believe that they are involved in a good-faith discussion with another group who may have a different point of view but are ultimately in search of a shared truth that society can agree and build upon. Progressives understand that they are involved not in a discussion, but in a struggle for power.

Leftists know that their main goal is not to convince others through reasoned discussion, but to obtain power in service of advancing an agenda that they see as the non-negotiable truth. This is not some exploration, excavation, or even negotiation over what the truth might be. Progressives are already certain that they are in possession of the truth. Because the left is not constantly worrying about obtaining the proper consensus for truth, they can focus their public actions on gaining and maintaining the power necessary to perpetuate that truth.

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