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'I will not apologize': Graham Allen takes a stand against conservative censorship

Graham Allen

'There's an active attack against conservative minds and conservative values'

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In this episode of "Rant Nation," BlazeTV host Graham Allen reveals the full extent of his recent battles with social media censorship and the loss of sponsors because of his conservative values.

Graham explained that, ever since the Steven Crowder 'Vox Adpocalypse,' he's seen a much more aggressive attempt to censor, remove, or suppress conservative content on various digital platforms.

"In the past 10 days, we've had multiple videos by Facebook and Instagram taken down, deeming them as hate speech," Graham said. "We're not making this up. This is not an attempt to get your money. This is not an attempt to get your pity or your support in an inappropriate way. This is just to let you know it's real. This is what's really going on.

"The reason why I wanted to get on here today is to tell you this," he continued. "I'm not sorry. Nor will I ever be sorry. I will not apologize to anyone. I will not apologize to any company. I will not apologize to any organization for standing up for what I believe to be right."

Graham added a warning for the next 18 months leading up to the 2020 election, saying that the "media overlords" are going to do everything they can to silence conservatives and "keep us from getting the real news to you.

"There's an active attack against conservative minds and conservative values, and this is our opportunity to show you guys what's really going on and the battles that we're fighting here," he said.

Watch the video below to hear Graham tell it like it is:

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