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WATCH: Whoopi LASHES OUT at Trump supporters: 'Suck it up like we did'

Sara Gonzales

Selective amnesia or willful ignorance?

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"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg said after the election that Trump supporters just need to "suck it up" like the Left did when Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

Whoopi insisted that Hillary Clinton didn't question or complain about the results of the 2016 and went on to shame Trump supporters who question the legitimacy of the election.

"How dare you question it?" she asked.

BlazeTV's Sara Gonzales, host of "News and Why it Matters," is sick and tired of the leftists who "want to rewrite history" with their unrelenting gaslighting tactics.

Watch the video below to see Sara's little history lesson for Whoopi and the rest of the brood on "The View":

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