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Airplanes can harbor dangerous bacteria for days

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Do you know who gets clean blankets on an airplane? The very first flight of the day … and no one else, according to one flight attendant.

On Wednesday’s “Pat & Stu,” Jeffy Fisher shared a list of tips for the traveling germophobe. Research has found that bacteria like staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and E. coli can thrive on armrests, window shades and other surfaces in airplanes for days.

Jeffy wondered if all of those germs are affecting him. “You feel kind of sick after you get off an airplane,” he said. “I’m starting to become almost a Stu germophobe.”

Because airlines usually schedule cleanings overnight, passengers who fly first thing in the morning will probably be on a cleaner plane. People who want to avoid germs should steer clear of airline pillows and blankets that are unlikely to be freshly washed.

Stu was surprised that Jeffy is developing into a bit of a germophobe. “This is interesting because you seem like a really kinda like filthy person,” he joked. “I think of you as kind of like Pig Pen.”

“Trust me, I know that,” Jeffy returned.

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