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Al Gore hopes to cash in again with this sequel to his documentary

Pat and Stu

Part 2 of Al Gore’s an “Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” will be released this July. Gore’s 10-year-old film, an “Inconvenient Truth” predicted oceans are on the rise, Earth is heating up, and utter global catastrophe will occur if signs of global warming remain ignored by politicians and world leaders. Gore urges followers to buy environmentally friendly products, watch his movies, buy his books, and participate in dialogue to educate others.

This morning on “Pat & Stu” the guys questioned whether Gore’s intentions are altruistic at all and if lining his pockets is really what he’s after.

“This guy who’s such an advocate lived in that 10,000-square foot Tennessee mansion for years and did nothing to it. He retrofitted it right before he sold the stupid thing because he had to,” said Pat Gray.

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