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College football season off to disappointing start for this university

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On Monday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Jeffy Fisher joined Pat Gray to talk sports.

"I was telling your phone screener today that I hoped you were going to talk sports because thank God the NFL started," said Jeffy. "Oh my gosh, isn't that great?" said Pat Gray.

Jeffy went through a rundown of NFL victories over the weekend which included Pat's Green Bay Packers, Stu Burguiere's Philadelphia Eagles, and the Dallas Cowboys.

"Everybody's happy," said Jeffy. They went on discuss their disappointment with the start of college football season and Brigham Young University's disappointing performance against LSU and Utah.

"I don't think the college season has started yet," said Pat. "This is the worst season I'm going to ever endure, I think."

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