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Autumn Reeser talks about her latest project, western thriller ‘Valley of Bones’

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A meth-addicted oil worker finds an incredible Tyrannosaurus rex specimen in the badlands of North Dakota. Can he team up with a disgraced paleontologist to dig it up – or will a Mexican drug lord kill them first?

Autumn Reeser joined Thursday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about indie noir thriller “Valley of Bones,” which premieres on Sept. 1.

“In this story, we find a bone that could potentially be to the largest intact skeleton of a T. rex ever discovered, which is worth millions upon millions of dollars,” she explained the movie’s plot. “There are bad guys who also want it. So there’s plenty of conflict.”

Known for playing Taylor Townsend on “The O.C.,” Reeser enjoyed her time filming in a Western landscape and riding a horse for her role as paleontologist Anna. Set in the Western badlands, “Valley of Bones” was shot on location in Bowman, North Dakota, giving it the real feel of the West. Reeser shared what made “Valley of Bones” unique and why the success of TV’s “Westworld” helped their little independent film make it to a bigger studio.

“We shot it on a ranch that’s about at least a half-hour drive from anything else,” Reeser said. “The way this movie is shot is so, so beautiful. It’s like old-school Westerns. It’s gorgeous.”

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