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Behold the latest insult to Trump: chess versus checkers

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Mike Opelka noticed a new media narrative regarding President Donald Trump over the past 24 hours. CNN and MSNBC have yet another way of implying that 45 is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and Mike explicated it on "Pure Opelka" today.

In the wake of the president's first overseas trip to the Middle East, as well as the NATO and G7 summits, various left leaning pundits are quick to weigh in on his performance. The Guardian's Walter Shapiro first told Brian Williams that Trump is, as Dorothy Parker once said of another "scandal prone" president, Warren Harding, "ultimately he's just a slob."

He also referred to the administration as "slovenly." Brian Williams responded, "That was the point a senior state department official made on this network tonight. Coming off the European trip it is clear to her that everyone else is playing chess, the American president is playing checkers."

Williams was almost directly quoting former Ambassador Wendy Sherman, who said to Lawrence O'Donnell earlier in the day "President Trump plays checkers while all of these other leaders are playing chess."

In turn, she is echoing Gloria Borgers' claim yesterday on CNN that a close Trump friend said, regarding the current White House staff, "These guys don't play chess, they play checkers."

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