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Bill Nye has another wild theory that could save the planet: blowing air bubbles into Earth's oceans

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Bill Nye has gone on record citing overpopulation as one of the root causes of global warming and climate change, yet he struggles to directly link the two concepts together.  The latest big idea he's pitching to the world is "microbubbles."

Business Insider calls him a "science communicator" and reported on a chat he had with National Geographic last November where he stated that geoengineering could be the future. To be exact, Nye is suggesting the geoengineering technique that involves blowing air into bodies of water also essentially creating "mirrors made of air."

But how does that benefit the Earth?

According to Business Insider, "All of those bubbles would make the puddles more reflective, shunting sunlight away from Earth and back into space. Over many years, this could cool down the planet."

This concept was originally proposed by Russel Seitz in 2010 which he claimed "would increase the thickness of bright-white sea froth and foam — thus making the surface of the oceans more reflective" and essentially lowering water temperatures.

Pat wasn't buying into this theory whatsoever.

Listen to his reaction above.

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