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Business creator's advice to future entrepreneurs: 'The best idea is the one they're obsessed with


Matt Matros, founder of Limitless Coffee, joined Doc Thompson on "The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson" during the weekly segment of Building America in which Doc highlights Americans who have the entrepreneurial spirit. Matt shared his thoughts about following your instincts when pursuing your passions:

"I always say the best idea in the world is the one they're obsessed with, and it doesn't mean it's going to be a good idea or a successful idea but if there's an idea in the back of someone's head... then that's usually a good sign that they should do something about it," Matros said.

Doc built on Matros' thought with an anecdote from the film, "The Road to Wellville," the story of the men who started Kellogg's in which, among other bizarre health claims, they believed Corn Flakes to be a cure-all.

"It made me think about that when you said about even when you're passionate about something, it may be right and it may not," Thompson added.

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