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Doc Thompson no longer has sympathy for millennials' student loan debt. Here's why.

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According to a newly released study, college students are going on spring break and using money from their student loans to pay for their travel. And TheBlaze Radio's Doc Thompson is none too happy about it.

"Here's why it's troubling to me," Thompson said on "The Morning Blaze" Friday. "College-aged people, millennials, I have defended you ... because you have been, unlike previous generations, saddled with huge debt when you are just starting your adult life."

Thompson has often stood up for millennials who, he has said, are expected to go to college but are not getting enough scholarships or payments from parents to help cover tuition, so they work but often have tens of thousands of dollars in debt afterward.

But with the revelations exposed in the new report, that defense has come to screeching halt.

"Now I find out you're using some of your student loan money to go on vacation — no. Sorry, I need to know now," Thompson said. "Listen, every millennial, college aged out there, if you're whining that you have $60,000, $20,000, whatever, in debt, I want to know where you spent your money. I can no longer have sympathy for you."

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