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Energy theorist on Al Gore's movies: We need to ask 'what would it mean for this to be true?

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Former vice president Al Gore has made a second career of drawing movie goers’ attention to global warming – now more correctly addressed as climate change. He has released “An Inconvenient Sequel” as a follow up to his Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

President of the Center for Industrial ProgressAlex Epstein saw the sequel and told Yaron Brook, filling in on today’s “Pure Opelka,” that nobody has asked “What would it mean for this to be true?” If the ideas and conclusions presented in Gore’s documentaries are true, “What is the right policy going forward on energy?”

Epstein reported that 85 percent of the world’s energy is supplied by fossil fuels, which are known to generate carbon dioxide. Gore presents positives of his energy-restrictive policies in his film, but no negatives. There is no evidence presented showing what impact climate warming has on human life.

The author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” shared that despite record increases in fossil fuel use, there is not commensurate warming. Fossil fuels have actually reduced climate related deaths since the 1930s by 98 percent. Technology helps keep cold people warm, hot people cool, and transports clean water to persons suffering in drought.

“Nature doesn’t give us a safe climate that we make dangerous,” Epstein said.

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