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Glenn: CNN report on Libyan slave trade is a step forward, but news still has a problem

Glenn Beck
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CNN has reported on the slave trade in Libya, documenting a shocking abuse of human rights. Reporters captured a slave auction on video where two men were sold for the equivalent of $800.

Refugees and migrants are uniquely vulnerable to being exploited. They can give their life savings to smugglers as they try to escape to Europe – only to be sold into slavery instead of making their way to a better life.

“At least someone is bringing attention to this,” Glenn said. “But we look at this, and then you look at what American television is claiming is news today, and you kind of think, ‘You know, we might have our priorities a little screwed up.’”

Listen to the full clip (above) to hear Glenn’s examples of a media outlet covering real news versus ridiculous stories that we don’t have time for.

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