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Glenn: If the government can take this couple’s kids, ‘you could be next’

Glenn Beck
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Amy Fabbrini is a mom in Oregon whose kids have been taken away by the state because she and their dad supposedly aren’t smart enough. When the government can take away your kids based on your IQ, where does it end? Glenn Beck had a warning and an update on her story on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Fabbrini, 31, and her partner, Eric Ziegler, 38, who is the father of her two sons who were taken away by the state, are running out of time to try to reclaim their children. The state of Oregon could terminate their parental rights by the end of September.

A GoFundMe page for the couple has been set up to raise money to pay their legal bills as Fabbrini and Ziegler continue to fight for custody of Christopher and Hunter. Oregon authorities took away Christopher nearly four years ago when he was less than a week old, while Hunter was removed from the couple’s care almost as soon as he was born.

“We don’t do this to each other. We don’t let our government do this,” Glenn protested. He warned that people need to pay attention to this story because this violation of human rights will only continue in the future.

“Amy’s plight is your plight,” Glenn said. “If you don’t stand up for Amy, you could be next.”

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