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Guess what MTV’s new social justice award is called

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The MTV Movie & TV Awards added a new award category for this year’s ceremony and invited Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) to help present the award on Sunday night.

The new "Fight Against the System" award went to the cast of “Hidden Figures,” an Oscar-nominated film based on the lives of the black women who worked at NASA in the 1960s to help put an American on the moon.

“No. 1, why are they still doing MTV Movie Awards?” Doc asked. He played the clip with Waters and the new award from Sunday. Waters presented the award along with actress Tracee Ellis Ross, and the congresswoman received a standing ovation with Ross thanking her for “your voice and how you use it.”

“So being loud and annoying and mispronouncing things?” Kal Elsebai asked.

“They control the system. It’s their system,” Doc protested. “The progressives ran away with it for eight years. And what are they talking … what about the Hollywood system? … The system they created?”

The night featured another progressive award change: acting categories are now not specified by gender. Actress Emma Watson, who won the golden popcorn trophy for her role as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast,” praised “the first acting award in history that doesn’t separate nominees by their sex.”

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