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Gun ownership is up while gun violence is down

Glenn Beck
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According to the latest statistics, there are now over 300 million guns in the hands of Americans. At the same time, gun violence has gone down by 75 percent. How does this make sense and is there a correlation?

On today's program, Glenn Beck talked about the numbers and what might explain them. He pointed out that gun sales skyrocketed under the Obama Administration with its never ending quest for stricter gun laws. He also noted that, while gun violence has plummeted, school shootings have not.

"What has changed?" he asked. "Why did we have one school shooting or one tragedy a decade since the beginning of our country, but now they seem regular?"

Glenn wanted to look further than the usual scapegoat of guns, considering that the numbers don't support that accusation. He decided to look a little deeper, perhaps making some uncomfortable.

"As a culture now, parenting [is] pretty much lazy. For the most part. Let's admit it, America. Let's stop lying to ourselves. For the most part, parenting has become naive, spineless, lazy. We point our fingers at other people's kids, at other people's doings. We point our fingers at our schools when proper education is our responsibility, not the school's responsibility. Several consecutive generations of blame. The blame culture is now the norm in our society."

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