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Here's an easy way to give your chickens lots of room to roam

firina / Getty Images

Cam Edwards and Miss E have some happy chickens after a lot of hard work building new chicken tunnels.

On this week’s episode of “40 Acres & a Fool,” Cam and Miss E talked about their busy weekend constructing 55 feet of chicken tunnels, including three 15-foot sections and one 10-foot section, to give their chickens plenty of space to run around.

“We worked in the garden Friday night until it was too dark to see,” Miss E said.

Chicken tunnels are usually built of chicken wire or mesh above the ground, giving chickens more space while keeping them from running away or getting into your garden.

Cam and Miss E’s new chicken tunnels connect to a previously built 30-foot section, giving the chickens access from their coop to a yard, shade and grass.

“It’s a chicken yard palace,” Cam described.

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