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Here's the story of a pregnant pig and a chicken that didn't want to go down without a fight

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On "40 Acres & a Fool," TheBlaze Radio host Cam Edwards relayed this week the story of the quiet week he's had on the farm, aside from an extremely pregnant pig that still hasn't given birth and a fox that broke into the hen house.

"We are down to three hens, and one of the seven pullets," Cam said.

Edwards elaborated that one of the hens was apparently a fighter as there were clumps of feathers found scattered throughout the yard for about 50 or 60 feet from where the hen house resided.

"Makes me angry. It's gotta be a fox," Edwards said. "So we might have to put out traps again as they are awfully sneaky."

Cam explained that after recording the podcast, he planned to head to Lowe's to pick up some additional items to help keep the chicken coop fence tethered to the ground.

Listen to more episodes of “40 Acres & a Fool” with Cam Edwards on TheBlaze Contributors.

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