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Internet in uproar after restaurant, LocoL, receives zero-star review


Doc Thompson is joined by celebrity chef Patrick Mosher to cover the latest in the world of food, restaurants, shopping, eating and cooking. Patrick asks Doc if he has seen the recent stories in food during the past week on social media.

"There are two chefs, Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, who opened this wonderfully philanthropic type of concept called LocoL," Patrick discloses. "A very well-known food critic named...Peter Wells, he did a zero-star review of this new fast food concept."

Patrick mentions how this restaurant really must have some sub-par items on the menu to get a zero star review. Doc wonders if they even had food on the menu to not at least get a one star or a tenth of a star. Patrick explains that it's all healthy, locally-grown, low-priced, healthy alternatives to other fast foods.

"The social media backlash has been really, really unbelievably harsh towards him (Wells)," Patrick states. "Roy Choi took the high road and basically he wrote a 1,000 word response but basically he said, 'We really respect his opinion, It was obviously needed. There are some gains to be made in the quality of the food, and he will be a part of our culture forever.'"

"In all business life, your choices, it's difficult to get all three of these things — the restaurant had a sign that said you can have it, fast, cheap and good. Any two of these three things you can have...but you can't have all three," Doc opines.

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