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John Stossel to Jeff Bezos: If you want to help people, make a profit

Pat and Stu
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Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos had a vision for a store that sold everything, so it’s not really surprising that the company is purchasing the organic grocery chain Whole Foods.

Following news of the big acquisition, Bezos asked his Twitter followers for advice on the best “philanthropy strategy” for helping people in need.

But Bezos is wrong – a better strategy would be to keep his money and continue building his business with it, TV personality John Stossel wrote this week. Stossel praised Bezos as a job creator who can do far more than the ordinary person to better peoples' lives.

“I know, you've been called ‘stingy.’ … you give less than .1 percent of your wealth. Stingy as that sounds, I say that's good -- because you are not a normal person,” Stossel wrote in the open letter to Bezos. “You, by pursuing profit honestly, do much more for the world than charities do.”

On Wednesday’s “Pat & Stu,” the guys talked about the growth of Amazon as well as whether Bezos can do more for people by not giving to charity.

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