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LeBron James calls for ‘love,’ jabs at Trump after Charlottesville

Doc Thompson
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Basketball star LeBron James has some thoughts on racism, violence, and a return to unity in the wake of Charlottesville – and luckily he can share them with a “voice of command.”

Doc Thompson and the guys took a look at his comments jabbing at Trump on Thursday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

“I was literally on the edge of my seat because I wanted to know what a basketball player was thinking about this,” Kris Cruz said sarcastically.

James spoke Tuesday at a Lebron James Family Foundation event in Ohio. “I have this platform and I'm somebody that has a voice of command, and the only way for us to be able to get better as a society and us to get better as people is love,” the NBA star said, according to ESPN.com.

Ultimately, “It's about all of us looking in the mirror and saying, 'What can we do better to help change?'” James said.

He seemingly contradicts his own call for love in the next sentence when he then says, "It's not about the guy that's the so-called president of the United States or whatever the case," and also tweeted:

White supremacists marched with torches last weekend in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee. During Saturday’s rally, a woman died and 19 people were injured when a white nationalist protester allegedly drove deliberately into a crowd of counter-protesters.

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