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Listen: Here’s why that fancy water bottle filling station at the airport isn’t ‘free’

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Have you noticed the modern upgrade to the drinking fountain at various airports? The New York Times did, covering the installment of water bottle-filling stations at airports around the country.

The Times reported:

The easy-to-use stations are part of an effort to find more sustainable ways to manage crowds (and the empty bottles they leave behind) and to improve airport amenities. Best of all, the water is free.

The filling station is an improvement that lets people refill their water bottles from a no-touch spout instead of a water fountain that has had countless mouths on it. But is it really “free”?

On today’s show, Doc pointed out that everything old can be new again if you hit on the right business idea. He also detailed how much we as taxpayers and consumers are really spending on airport maintenance and improvement so you won’t be misled.

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