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Listen: Here’s why Victoria Hearst wants Cosmopolitan magazine covered up in stores

Doc Thompson
Cologne,Germany- February 23,2013: Popular british magazines in english language displayed inside a newsstand on the central station(Cologne,Germany)

Should a magazine with explicit sex explainers and shocking headlines be completely kept away from minors in your local grocery store?

One magazine heiress thinks so. Victoria Hearst, a granddaughter of Hearst founder William Randolph Hearst, isn’t giving up on her fight to get her family’s magazine Cosmopolitan covered up in stores so it won’t tempt young girls.

On today’s show, Hearst detailed why she believes the magazine shouldn’t be visible for kids and listed many examples of articles, images and sex explainers that have run in its pages and that she think should be considered pornography.

"I'm doing this on my time and my dime," Hearst said. "I'm making the public ... aware that Cosmopolitan contains pornography."

Hearst also talked about research that shows viewing sexual content has terrible effects on kids.

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