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Matt Walsh: Don't make God part of your life

Matt Walsh
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In my podcast today, I discuss the half-hearted kind of Christianity that you hear preached from many pulpits these days. We are called to simply make Christ a "part" of our life. We are not often called to submit utterly to Him and put Him completely at the center of our lives.

There's a reason why Scripture tells us: "He must increase, but I must decrease." We should be working constantly to identify the parts of our lives that are not of Christ so that we can eradicate them and fill Him in the void. Nobody will ever achieve this perfectly while on Earth, but we ought to be striving for that perfection; a perfection where "it is not I who live but Christ who lives in me."

It's a shame that many Christians won't hear this from their church leaders. They won't hear about a Christ who wants us to die to our selves and live in submission to His will in all things. Instead they hear about a Christ who only wants to tag along, like a buddy who just hangs out and is so cooperative and, like, super chill about everything, bro. They hear about a Christ who wants nothing more than to "be a part of our lives." But no such Christ exists. The real Christ doesn't want to be a part. He wants every part. He wants to be the whole thing. In a word, He wants us to be a part of Him -- not the other way around.

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