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Reject the left's theory that all cultures are created equal

Matt Walsh

In his latest podcast, Matt Walsh came to the defense of American culture, defying the liberal campaign to glorify foreign cultures and denigrate our own:

We're supposed to believe that all cultures and countries are equal. I say "we" are supposed to believe that because this is an idea that only western nations are apparently required to adopt. White liberals in this country wouldn't dare criticize a Nigerian who believes Nigerian culture to be preferable and even superior to any other, or a Pakistani who believes the same about his own, and so on. Those people are allowed to, first of all, have a national and cultural identity, and second, put forward that identity as something worth protecting and sustaining. Only majority-white western nations are somehow disqualified from viewing themselves this way. Here, we are supposed to accept and celebrate all cultures and pretend that all people of all cultures are a fine fit in our own.

This is all nonsense, of course. Not all cultures are equal. Cultures where, for instance, it's legal to stone women to death and execute infidels, and where all human advancement and achievement have been ground to a halt by backwards, primitive belief systems, are not equal to ours and do not gel with ours. This means that we should in fact be careful about allowing immigration from these kinds of places. Immigration should be very limited, if we allow it at all, and only the people from those cultures who actively reject their culture should be allowed to assimilate into our own. What I'm articulating here is not "white supremacy" or "white nationalism" but just basic common sense.

And, by the way, I say all of this as someone who is a big critic of our culture. I do think ours is objectively and obviously superior to fundamentalist Muslim culture, but we have serious problems ourselves, mostly stemming from our descent into secularism and nihilism. But that process isn't halted by opening the floodgates to a whole mishmash of competing cultures and world views. It's solved by figuring out and re-establishing our own national identity again.

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