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Michelle Obama's school lunches are toast

Doc Thompson
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The Trump administration has been rolling back nutritional requirements for school lunches, relaxing standards for whole grains, salt and milk. The school lunch regulations were put in place under former President Barack Obama and were part of a program championed by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Under the proclamation that Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue signed on Monday, states will be able to grant exemptions to schools that don’t meet the former standard of serving 100 percent whole grains. Schools will still have to serve at least half whole grains. The other changes relax low-sodium requirements and allow for 1 percent milk.

On Wednesday’s “The Doc Thompson Show,” Doc Thompson talked about why the program aiming for healthier lunches failed and said the federal government should get out of the way and let local schools and kids’ parents make these decisions.

While the idea of serving kids healthy lunches seems positive, in reality the Obama-era policies resulted in tasteless lunches and wasted food that kids refused to eat.

“They didn’t come anywhere near reaching their goals of ‘kids are eating healthier,’” Doc said. “So why not go back to the other thing where at least kids were eating something?”

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