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National Review' writer: Hillary lost because she was a 'terrible,' 'spectacularly bad' candidate

Buck Sexton
(Photo credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Heather Wilhelm, Texas-based author and columnist with "National Review" and "The Federalist," joins Buck Sexton on his radio show to explore Hillary Clinton's resounding defeat and the difficulty the mainstream media has in analyzing this unexpected outcome.

"All of the sudden, Hillary Clinton has been elevated to this perfect, just, wondrous candidate who could only have lost because of sexism or because the other side is racist," Heather states.

In Heather's view, Hillary lost on her own merits: "Hillary Clinton is a terrible, terrible, terrible candidate. She's spectacularly bad....And I think that's a real problem with the media coverage right now, too. It's not taking a good look at, 'Hey, maybe we lost because Hillary Clinton was our candidate.'"

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