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North Korea puts international press on high alert for... the unveiling of a new street

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"You would think the world is about to end," Mike Opelka said on "Pure Opelka" today regarding the media's response to North Korean officials' actions last night. They gathered foreign correspondents in Pyongyang for the commemoration of the 105th anniversary of North Korea's founding around 10 p.m. for a "big and important event."

Mike noted that journalists were understandably on high alert. Intelligence reports and activity picked up on spy satellites suggesting that "North Korea is about to put a nuclear warhead or chemical weapons on top of one of their missiles."

So when officials told the foreign press "to put on their business clothes" and were herded into a hotel lobby with only their passports and cameras, they assumed something of great military significance was about to occur.

Hours later, journalists watched a military parade in front the opening of Ryomyong Street. That was it; that was the big deal.

The main speaker at the announcement, North Korea's Premier Pak Pong Ju, declared the opening to be "a very significant, great event, more powerful than the explosion of hundreds of nuclear bombs on the top of the enemies' heads." Journalists were stunned.

Although this inexplicably over-hyped event turned out to be innocuous, Mike wondered if it is just "coincidence that we have our strike force group in this area?" The U.S. Navy sent carriers toward North Korea this week. If the Premier's rhetoric is about more than just skylines and urban development, then probably not.

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