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Not everyone is happy about a new advisory commission that seeks to root out voter fraud

Chris Salcedo
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President Donald Trump has created the bipartisan Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity to root out voter fraud and voter suppression. Senior fellow of the Heritage Foundation Hans Von Spakovsky is one of 12 commissioners.

He said on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show” that the group is looking at every part of the voting process -- from registration, to casting the ballot, to counting the ballots – to see if there are any vulnerabilities. The goal is to secure the process from people “who want to take advantage of it.”

He told Chris Salcedo that right now, the United States operates on a kind of “honor system” when it comes to voter registration. People who are not citizens can lie on a voter registration form. He lamented that every time a state tries to do anything about this, they are hit with law suits.

Spakovsky cited as an example Governor Terry McCauliffe. Virginia passed a law that said if someone declines jury duty because they are not a citizen, the information had to be sent back to election officials, who generate the list of potential jurors. He vetoed the bill.

"Why in the world would anyone veto a bill like that, unless you want non-citizens to be able to register to vote, and get away with it, and election officials not find out about it?" he asked.

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