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Obama to get paid a shocking sum to give first post-presidency speech to Wall Street bankers

Glenn Beck
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama will give his first post-White House speech at a luncheon hosted by New York investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P.

Obama’s speaking fee will reportedly surpass what former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have each made on a single speech.

“[Obama] spent his time serving, so we’ve gotta give him a chance to make some money,” Glenn said sarcastically. “So he’s going to give this hour-long speech and he’s only going to charge $400,000.”

“Is that all?” Pat asked. “He could have charged a million. … What a magnanimous gesture.”

Glenn Beck reminded everyone of when Hillary Clinton was slammed for making $250,000 for a speech to Wall Street. Now, Obama is giving his own speech for wealthy bankers, contradicting his earlier political stances against Wall Street greed. Despite their earlier preaching against “income inequality,” he and his wife, Michelle Obama, have been vacationing in luxury since his presidency ended.

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