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Rabbi Lapin: Can you name the three characteristics that define religion?

Thorsten Henn / Getty Images

Listen in as Rabbi Lapin explains in the simplest terms what religion is and how easily we can get lost in false religions.

Rabbi Lapin challenges his listeners to define religion to start with and sheds light on how the U.S. government defines religious organizations using the church of Scientology as an example.

"Well, I've always had considerable difficulty understanding how Scientology is classified as a religion because the means by which Scientology obtain the classification for legal and tax purposes is by arguing that they help people get in touch with their true, non-material natures; they help people become aware of spiritual realities," said Rabbi Lapin.

Do you need a religion to understand that human beings are largely spiritual? Is progressivism a religion rather than a political dogma? Rabbi Lapin explains in his latest podcast.

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