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Rabbi Lapin: Why effective communication pays off everywhere but politics


Unlike the real world in which real humans really communicate with one another about things that really matter, in politics, only obfuscation, delusion, and gobbledygook bring reward. In this episode of his show, Rabbi Daniel Lapin lays out some of the challenges that beset modern communication and make the exchange of information so difficult.

"The only place where the exact opposite of clear and articulate communication paying off is in politics, where the more obtuse you can be, and the more you can utter words that are complicated, lengthy, and many, while meaning absolutely nothing is in politics," said Rabbi Lapin. "If I was in charge, you would never hear the words anti-Semite, racist, sexist, homophobe -- none of that. Because I believe in speaking about action, not feelings. I speak about facts rather than feelings. And identity is not as important as behavior and action."

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