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Rabbi Lapin: You can thank years of religious ridicule for men like Harvey Weinstein

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On this week's "Rabbi Daniel Lapin," Rabbi Lapin wished we had ten Harvey Weinsteins in America—the problem is that we have millions!  Loutish men raised without any religion who demean the Bible and its values that used to help restrain natural male appetites and vulgarity are the cause of sexual harassment and addiction to power says, Rabbi Lapin.

Rabbi Lapin explained that the story started in the 1960s and the way women are treated on college campuses, the workplace, and in bars and clubs is the entirely predictable result of ridiculing religion for fifty years.  Where are all the male victims of powerful and ruthless women?  Could it be that men and women are different? Listen to what Rabbi Lapin had to say by hitting the play button up top and check out his channel on SoundCloud.

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