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Scientist: research shows chronic inflammation can be reduced if we add this back into our diets

Scientist: research shows chronic inflammation can be reduced if we add this back into our diets

Dr. Joel Brind, Founder and CEO of Natural Food Science, spoke to Jacki Daily on "The Jacki Daily Show" this weekend to tell her about his research on inflammation, its effect on human health, and a product he's developed to combat it.

Brind is the developer of Sweetamine, which is a sweetener developed from glycine. Our ancestors consumed more glycine than we do in our modern diet, as they consumed more animal proteins. He believes a diet with less plant sugar and more glycine would reduce inflammation in the human body overall.

He said what we don't eat is more responsible for inflammation and poor health than what we do eat. Most diseases are now blamed on chronic inflammation. He says it is a natural response to infection, but not to injury.

He believes people are slowly being poisoned by their own immune systems "fighting microbes that aren't there for want of this critical nutrient." If we are going to blame processed food for this, he says we should look to the bones we throw away from meats instead of what we add.

Brind used pellagra as an example. This disease ravaged the American South in the early 1900s and is widely thought to be caused by nutritional deficiencies created by the way grain is processed. He said the inflammation issue is, like pellagra, "a whole foods problem."

Sweetamine provides the same amount of glycine that an average person would get from consuming whole animal product. He has done longevity studies with the National Institute on Aging and found that glycine increases lifespan in rats and mice.

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