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Social media brings new life to a homeless veteran


Mike Opelka takes on hosting duties on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" and talks about the future of the Veterans Administration under a Donald Trump administration. U.S. Army veteran Ernesto Rodriguez joins the program to discuss how he's drawing attention to current veterans' issues.

Ernesto describes how he traversed to Interstate 30 and arrived at an overpass which he sees a big, old green Army duffel bag. He is dismayed over seeing someone moving up there and felt bad because Christmas was coming up.

"I went up and said 'Happy Holidays' and as I spoke with him, I found out he was a veteran. I was doing a Facebook Live at the time to show people how unfair it is that this man is laying on the streets after serving this country," Ernesto says.

He describes how not even ten minutes later he received messages from three different non-profit organizations within the Dallas area wanting to help this man out. "That one was so important to me because I wanted to make sure that this man got help that I post it on every outlet I can find," Ernesto replies.

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