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Soda is now more expensive than beer thanks to new tax in this city

Pat and Stu
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Coca-Cola is pulling Coke Zero off the shelves in favor of a new product called “Coke Zero Sugar,” sending those faithful to the original Coke Zero recipe, such as Stu Berguiere of “Pat & Stu,” into a panic. But Stu is not going to let his favorite formula go without a fight. In fact, he just stocked up on 385 cans of the stuff this past weekend.

Though taste-tests have reported that the new Coke Zero Sugar actually tastes better, Stu had this to say today on the subject, “That’s not the issue. It could be the greatest thing in the world. … a massage of your mouth. The issue though is keep Coke Zero on the market as well.”

While Stu struggles with his drink-of choice dilemma, the City of Brotherly Love faces a huge tax increase on all soda products in their city.

“The Philadelphia soda-tax is making [soda] more expensive than beer,” said Pat Gray. “Philadelphians are eventually going to rise up and revolt over this. There’s not aren’t a lot of things they’d revolt over, but I think this is one that they will."

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