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Tax cuts advocate has a special challenge for lawmakers burdening small businesses

Doc Thompson
Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with TAX REFORM letters imprinted on metal surface Getty Images / EtiAmmos

How many lawmakers who decide how small businesses should be taxed and regulated could actually run a successful business on their own?

Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network and thinks lawmakers would benefit from visiting American businesses and seeing how burdensome taxes and regulations affect them.

He talked about President Donald Trump’s ideas for tax reform on today’s show and thought a "Bring Your Representative to Work Day" could give lawmakers more perspective. Tax cuts would help millions of small businesses that touch Americans’ lives every day. So what are Republicans waiting for?

“There are about 29 million [small businesses] out there, employing about 56 million hardworking Americans,” Ortiz said. “Isn’t it about time that they actually get a break?”

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